We digitize the window- and door industry

Give your customers the best online design and price calculation tool available!

In today's high-tech world, - your customers are more than happy to configure their products online themselves. Expand your sales force by giving your customers the tool of professional quoting themselves, with instant pricing and delivery time estimation.

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Product Configurator

Making complex product designs, in a very user friendly interface. Efficiently use all the product definitions and rules defined within your ERP-system.

Octaos API - A world of opportunities

An Open REST-API provide opportunities to create integrations with third-party tools, and to integrate with your traditional website to provide live updates from your ERP-system. This can for example be to provide integration to Google Map with an updated information about where your merchants can be found, stock information or order tracking directly to your ERP-system.

Contact us for more information about how Octaos API can help you in creating great solutions for your customers!

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Octaos Sales

The ultimate tool for selling windows and doors online

Octaos CRM

Follow up your customers and increase your sales

Octaos Forms

Simplifying customer communication

CalWin ERP

The Scandinavian industry leader of windows and door ERP-system

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Special projects

When you want to improve your processes beyond what the standard tools offers

Expand your ERP-system

Do you want to use CalWin for more then what you get "out of the box"? We may help you add value to your investment by making CalWin do more then what you imagined possible.
Contact us if you want to check what's possible to do with CalWin.

Tailormade modules

Do you require tools that is tailor-made for your business, then we can provide special developed modules in modern web technology, fully integrated in our existing products.

Just ask us, - almost anything is possible!


Do you have different tools doing a great job for you in their separate areas, - but their just not talking to each other? Today a lot of the IT-tools you use have integration interfaces (API). We can help you integrate these so that you may do your work more efficiently. Contact us for a free evaluation of the possibilities.


We offer different services to support your day-to-day business

CalWin support

Data setup, process effectiveness, report building, routine automation. We know CalWin from A to Z, and can help improve the benefit you have in using this great ERP-system.

Business processes

With over 20 years experience in the building industry as well as IT and financial background, we can support you in improving your business processes.


Cut your labor costs by digitizing your processes. We can help identify and improve your business to be more cost efficient.

Project Management

If you are planning small or big projects within your organization, we may support you. We use the latest in agile project management tools, that will help ensure you reaching your goals.

Support for our existing customers

If you are an existing customer, please use our Customer Support.

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We live in a fantastic time where effectiveness and digitalisation of business processes is important. The future belongs to those who are able to renew communication internally, with their customers and with their suppliers. Everybody wants to access relevant information instantly and have the freedom to perform their tasks when ever they want, - without waiting for manual processes.

We help our customers win the race of digitalization. The future of our customers is our future!

Frank Moberg

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